Presenting Cubetto – The wooden toy teaching toddlers to code

What do you do when it’s clear that computers are taking over but you also want to be sure your kids are kept away from electronic screens as much as possible for as long as possible? Enter Cubetto. Montessori approved, Cubetto is the friendly wooden robot designed for girls and boys ages 3 and up to teach your child the basics of computer programming through adventure and hands-on play.

Screenless, friendly, and ready to explore. Cubetto by Primo Toys promises to teach your little ones how to master coding with their very first coding kit made of tactile and hard-wearing wood. Primo describes the toy as, “A coding language you can touch and manipulate like LEGO®. Each block is an action. Combine them to create programs.” Each coding block is colour-coded to represent a different chunk of code, and these combine to generate a string of commands. Green tells Cubetto to go forward, yellow to go left, red to go right, blue to function, purple to go backward and so on. When placed on the control board, the coding blocks tell Cubetto where to go and finally, hitting the blue button executes your little one’s very first program. Take a closer look at the interactive toy and how it works in the video below.

The basic Cubetto Playset includes 1x Cubetto, 1x Board, 16x Blocks, 1x World Map, 1x Story Book and can be ordered online through Primo Toys’s website. Cubetto is also available different bundles that combine colouring and coding. Discover more about the interactive kits online here.



Cubetto from $225